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PCB assembly and complete production online inquiry

In order to proceed online inquiry for the service of PCB assembly  we need to be provided by below listed data or to get requested information:

  • please specify requested amount of populated printed circuit boards and estimated annual volume.
  • in case we dont carry out the entire design of PCB, we should get the manufacturing data of PCB in the format Gerber, ODB++, PADS, EAGLE, Altium Designer.
  • if a customer would deliver bare PCB by themselves,  please specify if  PCB are cut in single pieces or are consolidated in panel. If so, please support by the panel dimensions and number of PCB in it.
  • within the scope of new PCB production we will design appropriate panel layout with the respect to the optimum utilization of the stencil for soldering paste printing, to SMT pick and place assembly process and soldering process in the reflow owen.
  • PCB parameters – number of layers, raw material, used technologies: non-soldering mask, PCB surface treatment HAL, ENIG, top/bottom layer print, connector gilding etc…
  • bill of material with complete component specification including their positions (referencies).
  • material supply provision – if sourced by AJT completely or only partially. In that case please specify which components will be provided by end customer.
  • for material provision please specify complete component description (partnumber). For standard capacitors and resistors full set of their parameters are essential – the capacitance or resistor value, voltage rating, material, tolerance or temperature coefficient, if applicable. Unabridged and precise component description facilitates us the inquiry processing which results in faster response to our customers.
  • please specify, if for given electronic component is essential to use mandatory manufacturer or vendor.
  • it is important to specify other prospective information (dont populate, deliver as accessory, supplied by the customer, download firmware prior to the mounting, form the terminals, etc…) so that this additional requirements would be implemented into the calculation.
  • PCB assembly drawings with legible position desription – it should not overlap each other or be too tiny. Potential corrections would be taken into account in calculations then.
  • required soldering process – Pb / Pb free
  • for automatic assembly is neccessary to provide us with the componets' coordinates or input file, from which we can generate them.





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